Street Cred

Street Cred: noun, Slang.
1. popularity with and acceptance by the general public, especially young people.
See also cred.

Maker Cred

Sometimes when you are an art teacher people want to know if you can “actually” make anything because of the old (and in my opinion, tired) ideology: those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.

I do make art, I make it quite a bit for myself, and for my family, I occasionally show my work in public spaces, like the Lily Tomlin Show in California, and the Upcoming CRVAEA Art Teacher as Artist Show. I sometimes sell my work, but that isn’t my main goal in making. My main goal in making, and one I teach my students to strive for, is the joy of the process, in engaging with my own inner muses and finding new ways to express ideas. Mostly I paint in acrylics, but some years I focus on watercolor or clay…I let my creative impulses take me where they will. Here are a few examples of my work:

Community Engagement Cred

Sometimes when you are an art teacher people want to know if you are engaged with your local community. Do you just go home and watch Blue Bloods all night and then come back to work the next day just biding your time until you get off? Sometimes I watch TV, I will admit, but I do consider myself engaged with my community.

Last year I went to city hall a lot, trying to get our schools fully funded. I work in the city and we have some very old buildings in need of repair so I went to a lot of late night meetings to speak about it.

I’ve put some effort in through my work to connect back to the community. Here are some of the ways I have done that.

TedX Valentine Project                   Art Carpet Event                   Grandparents As Superheroes

Organization Cred

Sometimes when you are an art teacher people want to know, are you actively involved in giving back to the Art Teacher Community? This is my second year as Co-Vice President of CRVAEA, our local branch or VAEA. I try to speak at least every other year if not every year at either the NAEA conference or the VAEA conference and I always attend one or the other sometimes both each year. This past year I helped to run the CRVAEA mini-conference here at VCU where we invited local art teachers to present on the topic of EMPOWERMENT.

Credential Cred…or….Cred Cred?

Sometimes when you are an art teacher people want to know how you got to where you are, if you went the teach for America Route and do not have an Art Education degree, if you got your bachelors and stopped there, if you got your Masters…maybe even your Doctorate. I am in the Masters camp. I got an Undergraduate degree in Art and World Religion from Mary Washington in 1998, got a second Undergrad in Art Education from VCU in 2003, and then my Masters of Art Education from VCU in 2013 as well.

I am sure there are 100 other varieties of Street Cred, I would love to know what you think are the most important ones, and maybe I can address those at some future point….comment if you have one.