Collaboration on a huge scale; Art Carpet Wednesday, October 10, 2018 William Fox Elementary (Rain Date Tues Oct 16 2018)

We are normally very able to think of ourselves as solitary artists. We cover our work with one hand to keep our classmates from drawing something similar to what we are making. We want to shine, to be noticed, to be a standout in a group of students we are secretly hoping are not doing as good of a job as we are.


And there is nothing wrong with that exactly, its normal to want to stand out, but what if we decide that it might be better to take our success and combine it with other people’s? What if we decide to collaborate? Now that’s a big word. Collaboration is when we agree to work as a group, and not just work as a group, but to let the whole group take credit. Do we shine less when we do this? Do we become less special?


We have to give up a little control, right? We have to discuss choices, accept varied ideas and ways of doing things. We might have to help someone out if they are in our group. We still want to succeed, right? But now, for us to succeed, our group needs to succeed, its not just a solitary test of our personal skill. I become invested in how well you do, and how well the rest of my group does. I WANT you to shine, not just myself.


Annnd thennnn….what happens if my “group” becomes my whole school? Is it possible that we could all want each other to shine? That we could hope for a success for all students at our school? That’s hard sometimes, to hope everyone succeeds.

During the yearly collaborative event of Art Carpet, we want each other to succeed. We are trying to cover a huge space with art and it is going to take all of us to do that. All of us working together, drawing, blending, sharing. Lets collaborate together, lets make some art together and lets wish the best for everyone involved. We all have ownership, we all have a hand in the finished product. Lets make this year the best Art Carpet of all time.


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