3rd Grade Printmaking


Students in third grade made prints today from the cityscapes and landscapes that they drew outside last week. The process looks like this: make a drawing on paper with pencil. Once you are happy with your drawing, draw it again with a slightly dull pencil on styrofoam. You can buy sheet styrofoam, like this class is using, at the craft store or you can use an old styrofoam plate that you have cut the raised edges off of, or fun foam also works, but not as well in my opinion. If you object to styrofoam for environmental reasons, may I suggest the one time expense of gelli plates, which you can make monoprints with a keep and re-use forever.

Once your drawing is pressed into the styrofoam with your pencil, you can roll ink onto your print plate and lay paper on it, rub the back and pull the paper off to reveal your image.

There is one tricky confusing rule that everyone has trouble with. If there is any kind of writing or text on your drawing, you need to transfer it to your print plate backwards. You can easily flip text backwards on regular paper by writing it front ways on the back of your paper kind of hard, flipping the paper front ways, and tracing the words through the paper.



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