4th Grade Clay Coiling battle

I have long struggled with the student desire to keep everything that they make with clay, even before they have really learned to sculpt effectively or score and slip. Each precious pinch of the malleable mound was deemed gold by the artist and tears were often shed over the idea of not keeping these mystery piles, which upon firing were often abandoned by the very artist who wanted it, left to dwell forever on the island of misfit toys.


(Imagine a lumpy white object dancing in front of the plane) Enter Olivia Penn, (VCU Art Ed program). She had the genius idea of turning coil making into a game/contest. Ms. Penn is my student teacher this year in the Fox art room. Ms. Penn asked my students to roll out coils in 5 minute bursts and wrote down winners for the longest coil, the strongest coil, the smoothest coil, and the best scoring and slipping. Students were so invested in the contest that they forgot the desire to keep their creations, and left empty handed, well taught, and tearless. A victory for Fox, for student teachers and the island of misfit toys. I look forward to well constructed coil pots.



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  1. Twyla Kitts says:

    Olivia Penn inspires everyone with whom she comes in contact! I’m so glad that she is having the opportunity to work with Julie!

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