Second Grade: The Stealth Pencil in Collage Making

In a collage, your drawn lines are a secret between you and your paper. No one else knows that you drew any lines, because they are hidden on the back of your cut out image locked, sub rosa, in a silent pact with you and some dried glue. There are lots of amazing illustrated books on collage, I like to use this one when I talk about collage because there are so many details in each image.


I encourage my students to make a drawing of an animal without any details like eyes or whiskers on the back of a patterned paper. They can choose any animal they like, it doesn’t need to be an animal from the book. Then they cut the large shape out and glue it to another patterned sheet. I love these printed paper scrap book pads that you can get now at craft stores, although you could also pre-paint white paper with lots of patterns, let that dry and then use the painted paper to cut out collage pieces Eric Carle style.

These images were created after one day of working. On day two, we will get out smaller papers and add all of our details…claws, eyes, whiskers, and background details. I will update as we do. If you want to make a collage at home by yourself or with a family member, here is what you will need:


Scissors, Glue, Patterned Paper, a pencil

Draw your image on the back of the colored paper, cut out your big shape and glue it down to a different colored patterned paper so that the drawing hides. Use a third sheet or some scrap paper to glue down details like eyes and claws.

I would love to see some images that you have made at home! Happy making!

Famous Collage Artists: Romare Bearden Picasso Hannah Hoch


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