Color Mixing Magic in Kindergarten

There is an everyday magic that you can create with your hands. Starting out with two separate colors and ending up with a third new one is kind of a game changer in Kindergarten. We put out the primary colors this week and our Kindergarten friends got to discover all of the colors that can be made by mixing primaries. These finished paintings will be cut up and used later in a second project, but just the experience of mixing colors yourself is like squishing that color directly into your brain, and there is stays, you have learned how to make it, how it is made. 45 minutes doesn’t even seem long enough.

I encourage you to try some color mixing at home and let the results seep into your brain. Don’t have any paint? Try it with primary crayons layered over top of one another (Red, yellow, and blue). Try it with markers layered and maybe a little bit of water on a brush mixing them together. Try it with chalk…Try it with play dough…Try it with ketchup and mustard before you eat your hamburger. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences making colors.

Here is a sweet link to a video about mixing the primary colors to make secondary colors from Sesame street if you would like a little background music 🙂 Happy Mixing.

Primary Color Mixing Video



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