Aggie Zed at the Visual Arts Center


This week I have been taking third graders on a walking field trip to the Visual Arts Center to the artwork of the artist Aggie Zed ( . The third graders have been really excited to look at the work. All of these tiny parade floats made of clay and wire look like things they might like to make themselves. I love the Visual Arts Center because they are so welcoming to us every time we go.


Many of my kids really connected to the elephant parade. This particular piece was arranged on the floor. The artist took the time to dance the elephants through the sand that surrounded them, which is something we would do if we were allowed to touch any of the art 🙂


After the show, the third graders were invited to make their own sculpture out of white sculpey. That was truly awesome. All of the little creatures they made were amazing. What a glorious week.


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