Second Grade explores the Saturday Evening Post

Last year I had the privilege of visiting an exhibit in DC on the artist Norman Rockwell. The collection was on loan from some amazing film makers, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg. These gentlemen both found inspiration for their movies from the careful and theatrical way in which Norman Rockwell set up his images.


I asked my second grade students to look at the work of Norman Rockwell with that theatrical aspect in mind, and do some sketches based on that idea. What did they want to depict? All kinds of things…karate scenes, star wars scenes, visions of friendship and love.

I asked them to critique the drawings as a class and give each artist advice about how they could change (as Rockwell did) the drawings to make them emphasize their ideas more. Here are a few examples, finished products are yet to come:



One Comment Add yours

  1. Kris Iden says:

    I love your blog – all of it. These two figures just above are especially wonderful. thank you !
    Kris Iden

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