News at 10: Teachers travel to the Guggenheim in NYC to combine Art and Math!

2013-03-02 11.39.07

These two seemingly different teachers (photographed inside a Gutai sculpture at the Guggenheim), one an art teacher, one a third grade math teacher, found a common language for teaching both…and his name ladies and gentlemen is….Kandinsky!


Looking at Kandinsky can of course elicit responses such as: “Wow, what beautiful colors”, or “What an interesting composition”, but what you may not realize is that Kandinsky can also be looked to for geometry.


Pat Kite and I will be exploring this connection between art and math in our third grade classes. I will update you as we progress. I anticipate some amazing art coming out of this experiment, and I know that some historic math learning is about to occur. Pat will use sketchbooks in her math classes, and I will use geometric language in my art classes. Look out for the results, they will be spectacular.


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  1. sarah says:

    WOW! Me and our math coach at our school and the mussy teacher at my school are collaborating on a Kandinsky unit right now as well!! Great minds think alike!! Love your blog!!

    1. That is so true, Sarah, if something rings true for one teacher, there is likely another who is already moving on it! Thanks for sharing!

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