This week and next week you may notice your child coming home with a golden ribbon tied around their wrist.  Maybe they remembered part of the story they heard, or the African word UBUNTU. Everyone in the school is getting one of these ribbons. The bracelet is supposed to symbolize the connection that we all have to one another. The word Ubuntu means: I am because we are.


Each class is listening an interactive musical story that explains this concept, and reinforces the value of our community as a whole, and each member in it. Here is an excerpt from the story that Nicky Peasley from celebrating diversity is presenting to everyone:

“Giraffe lowered her head into the middle of the circle,  “Thank you for being so open and sharing your unique expressions of love.  You have listened deeply with respect and kindness and appreciation and you have seen each other in a new light.  Just look what you have created. “
The animals cast their eyes on the dazzling web of light that had formed in the center of the circle.  It was so bright they could only hold their gaze on it for a moment.  And then Giraffe directed their attention to a word she had written across the sky.


“What does it mean?” the animals asked.

Giraffe answered, “ It means that we are, each of us, brilliantly unique AND we are ONE.”

With Monkey on her back, Elephant remembered, “I am because we are.”

And with that, Giraffe began to cry.  As her tears fell upon the light adorned animals, a rainbow appeared. ”

Students decide which animals they most relate to and create a golden web that connects each one of them.


In the coming weeks students will be creating images of the animals they most relate to and including in their art work words that describe what is in their heart.





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