Cornflake the Cornsnake slithers through third grade


How do you feel about snakes slithering around in your room? We enjoyed Cornflake’s visit. She slithered quietly around in her tank in our classroom for a week. Her skin had all the colors of a candy corn in it. Her tiny pink tongue flicked in and out letting us know that she smelled us looking at her. We wondered where she might go if she got out? The roller rink? The movies? Broadway to play the lead in Annie?

Here are a few of the things we imagined her doing on an adventure. I hope she goes on one some day. I think she’d make a great Annie.



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  1. Bernd says:

    I personally had been browsing for ideas for my web site and came across ur post, “Cornflake the Cornsnake slithers through third
    grade | fromtheartroom” Sun Shades , would you care if perhaps I start
    using a handful of of ur suggestions? Thanks ,Jonathan

    1. That is the wonderful thing about blogging, Jonathan, ideas spring from one hand to another, of course you are welcome to use some of our approaches. William Fox Elementary loves to share. That is the number one kindergarten rule.

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