First Graders drawing happiness out


One chilly wednesday in October we took our chalk and ideas outside to draw. If you had wandered by, you would have seen dozens of X shapes drawn in pinks and yellows on the brick. If you were in a rush, you might not have even noticed them.

Some might look at these X’s and think “students are learning their letters at Fox”. But those folks would be wrong.
The assignment was to create drawings on the sidewalk that would bring happiness to others.

These X’s were a carefully thought out protective device for the school, drawn by some first grade boys, to keep everyone inside safe and happy. Should pirates invade, as in the minds of first graders, they might, they will not get far.

First graders know with certainty that pirates cannot resist the siren call of the letter X. Upon seeing it, they must dig. They must. With so many X’s on the bricks in front of the school, the invading pirates will be digging for days.

You can imagine the frustrated pirates…each X they unearth reveals only an empty hole. Finding nothing beneath it, the confused pirates shake their fists or hooks at the sky and call out “Argh, another trick, my maties, keep digging!!! Aye, there must be gold ‘neath one of these X’s!”.

No pirates invaded the school in October, although its not quite over, I feel safe that they won’t. You can thank Zimri, and Chase, and for that.




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