2nd Grade Poetry

I love poetry. I have since I was little. Although my favorite adult poet is Walt Whitman, my favorite children’s poems are by Shel Silverstein (“listen to the NEVER HAVE’ ‘s, then listen close to me, anything can happen child, anything can be.”) , and A.A. Milne. (“a bear, however hard he tries grows tubby without exercise.”)

I want to pass that love of poetry on to my students. When poetry month comes, I want all students to have something of their own that they can share.

In second grade we have begun writing and illustrating  different kinds of poems. Here are a few from today 🙂


By Cameron

At a height of 64 feet

The Brachiosaurus stands.


At the weight of 11 tons,

The Brachiosaurus munches on trees.


And no one

Would attack it.



By Grace


I am a swimmer

A diver

A splasher on the board


I am so hard when I am down on the board

It is not hard to go up in the wave

One hand behind one

Do just the same


That is a swimmer on the wave.






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