The Grandmother Goose Gingerbread House Build

Forever Fox Presents:

The Grandmother Goose

Gingerbread House Build

Dear Fox Family,

Here at Fox, we want to reinforce the idea that Grandparents and Elders are important to us, and that they have value in our communities and families.

We are inviting Grandparents to come with their Fox student to build a Gingerbread house together which represents a particular fairy tale house.



  1. Write a sweet letter or email to your grandparents telling them the dates and inviting them to help you with this school wide art project. There is an example email that you could look at before you write yours.
  2. Preparation: November 21-30

Read a fairy tale or story together with your grandparent and imagine the house in the fairy tale or story as a Gingerbread house. What would it look like? What kind of Candy would you need to decorate it? What shape would it be? Begin designing your house and putting together your materials. Will you use real gingerbread and make your icing from scratch? Will you use graham crackers and store bought icing? Will you get a gingerbread kit from Trader Joes and add candy to it? There are many ways to approach this project.


3. Gingerbread House Build: December 2nd from 5-7

Choice 1: The student and the elder or Grandparent bring all the

          Building materials you need to assemble your house and build with us.

          Choice 2:  You could pre-build your house and just decorate it with us.

Choice 3: You could build your house with your grandparent who is

unable to make it to our event, and send a digital photo to us for the

art room blog.



Example Email or Letter to Grandparent:


Dear Grandma,

          My school is doing a Grandmother Goose Gingerbread House Build. We are supposed to ask a Grandparent to help us with it. Will you come and read me a fairy tale or story with a house in it, and then help me make a Gingerbread house that reminds both of us of the house in the story?

          We can read together over thanksgiving break, and then we need to build the house on December 2nd with my school. Can you please help me with my project? Thank You Very Much,


                                                                   Your Name



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