October 22nd Fall Festival and Costume Contest

This year Forever Fox is working together with the Fall Festival Committee to organize the October Costume Contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes in the following categories:

  • Recycled or Hand Made
  • Repurposed Store Bought
  • Richmond Themed
  • Most Creative
  • Best Group Costume
  • 3 and Under Costumes
  • Best Adult Costume

Here is an explanation of each category we have this year:

Recycled or hand-made costumes can be sewn, glued or stapled from materials that you find around the house. Here is an example of a handmade and recycled costume with each recycled item labeled.

Repurposed Store Bought Costumes are costumes you buy at Target or the grocery store and then add something cool and unique to. An example of this is using an old black cat costume and adding legs to it to turn it into a spider:

A Richmond themed costume is a costume that shows a famous person or monument from our beautiful city. An example of this is dressing up as one of the monuments from Monument Ave, or as the James River:

Most Creative costume is a costume no one else has on that you thought of yourself, and it can combine elements of old store bought costumes and recycled things. An example of a very creative costume idea is coming dressed as your favorite toy or game:

A group costume is a costume that only makes sense together. That means you and some friends or you and your family come in costumes that work together to create an idea. An example of this is coming as a box of crayons:

Our two last categories are for babies and adults. We saw a lot of costumes last year on babies and adults and we love to see everyone in the family getting creative, so we are going to give out prizes for that, too:

Good luck on making and improving your costumes, and be creative! See you on October 22 from 2-5 p.m.


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  1. mccartycj says:

    this looks like so much fun!

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