My Summer Vacation!

Dear Fox Family,

This summer was very different for me than many previous summers have been. As many of you may know, I completed my graduate degree at VCU in May. This left my summer very open to do lots of

other fun things. At the very beginning of the summer, I took a few Fox students to Maymont Park to make cool nature drawings. We drew goats and birds and all things wild. One day we saw a Fox running around in circles with a stick in its mouth. We decided then that our little adventure should be called “Camp Crowder…Fox Stick In the Mouth”. Cara made stickers for it and everything! After that brief adventure

was over, I spent a few weeks teaching art at the VCU art camp. That experience was fun for me, because I got to work with some older students. I even got to see a few former Fox students who are in high school now .  After VCU art camp was over, I lucked out and got a  job for United Way designing the cover of their “Age Wave” brochure. They wanted to show people of every age, and for the brochure to show a spirit of volunteerism and community. My father was in the army for many years, and I remembered seeing posters of Rosie the Riveter from World War II that seemed to fit the theme that the United Way was looking for. I took photos of people of different ages and turned them into water colored Rosies like this…

 I spent a lot of time in nature, and hanging out with my faithful sidekick Truffle Pig. We had many adventures together. Nothing can stop a girl and her dog.

I love spending time outside, and I was especially fond of the great tree what stood high and tall in Paradise Park behind my house. During hurricane Irene, my old friend came crashing down. I will certainly miss that old tree.

I am sure that many of you lost trees and lost power. I hope that no one’s house was damaged.

I had a wonderful and relaxing summer. I hope that all of you did as well, and I look forward to many exciting projects with you this year!


                                      Julie Crowder


One Comment Add yours

  1. Steven says:

    Who’s that good looking professor you’re with in the graduation photo? A belated congrats on completing your grad degree! Fox is lucky to have you!
    Steven McKay

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